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Prints-I don't need no Stinky Prints!

“When you make a print, you are making an art object. You can’t hang a scan on the wall.”- George TiceLet take a trip, shall we, to the dark ages of taking pictures with only film and a manual SLR camera.At that time you would purchase a roll of 36 Kodachrome, take you pictures, bring them to your local Kodak Kisko and wait for you pictures to return.Once they arrived you would go through each one and curse the ones that did not come out. You would place the ones you like into an old shoebox, along with the negatives, to look at every holiday with family and friends.Looking at prints brings one back to a time and place of happiness, sorry, reminders of a better time.Now a days, pictures have become just another bit of data on an IPhone, Android, Tablet, etc.We have become a society of photographer recording every minute of our lives to share on social media with friends and foes.We look at them for a short time and forget we ever have taken them. If we do decide to go back and look at…

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